After the wall was built, and the doors were placed, and porters and singers and Levites were appointed (Neh 7: 1)

The usher, the first impression of the church

The usher is a worker of God, a collaborator of the pastor and of the congregation. He is the first to greet a person, which leads him to project the first impression of the Church.

The usher could be the only individual contact the church makes with people during their service attendance. Preachers, teachers, singers and musicians minister to people in groups while ushers minister to people individually. A kind greeting with a smile, a word of encouragement directed by the Spirit, may be the most important thing that some people receive when attending the service. Remember that first impressions are very, very, very important and often very durable.

The function of the usher is of great responsibility and importance. It has a biblical background in the porters of the Old Testament. We should not underestimate the meaning of this function in the Church.


The attitude of the usher is absolutely important. Some important elements of that attitude:

self-confidence and in the Lord

spiritual authority


spirit of service



diligence and dynamism

mindset of excellence

The ushers must be punctual, and be in church long in advance.

Ushers should dress well, showing that they take their work seriously, presenting an elegant and positive face of the church.

Ideally, usher teams should wear a uniform, or dress in coordination. This will not always be possible or practical, but it is very useful.

They should dress modestly, both men and women; not too tight pants, properly buttoned shirts, suitable necklines.

They must use proper hygiene. It is important to smell good, be well groomed, use a mouthwash if possible, have clean nails.