Look, then, brothers, from among you seven men of good testimony, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, to whom we take care of this work. (Acts 6: 3)


The servants in the early Church were chosen because of their intimate relationship with God and with the brothers in the faith:

  • Of good testimony
  • Filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Full of wisdom:
    • To know how to handle your personal situations
    • To know how to handle your family situations
    • To know how to manage your interpersonal relationships
    • To know how to handle the service in the Church
  • The server must assume an attitude of commitment to the Church:
    • Full dedication to God
    • Support the activities of the Church

Good testimony is essential among those who are developing the ministry of servants.

A good service is the sum of several elements, which include not only vocation, but commitment and assessment of the work being done. It is transcendental to think, at all times, that we are rendering, above all, a service to God and His work, rather than to men, and that God knows how to value our efforts and daily work. It does not matter that those around are not aware of work; God knows it and there is our greatest reward.