Auxiliary Society of Girls

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(Isaiah 60: 1)


Our great purpose is to wake up so that we realize the conditions that prevail in our surroundings and in all parts of the world, to be awake to keep our minds from evil, and to preserve our bodies as temples of God, to eliminate from our hearts all interest. selfish and get ready to cooperate in all the workings of our denomination with the aim of crowning Jesus Christ as King.


The goal before us is to ensure that all Baptist girls are members of the Auxiliary Societies of Girls, until the kingdom of God is established in the hearts of girls everywhere in the world.



(Isaiah 60: 1)


"The story of Christ we will tell"


A white star with five peaks, inside a green octagon with a golden edge, and the monogram A. N., also of a gold color placed in the center of the white star.


Green, White and Gold, Green means: Growth, White: Purity and Gold: Sincerity and Value.


“Knowing that the people around me are in darkness, and wishing to pay special attention to the commands of the Lord Jesus, I promise faithfulness to him, to his church and to his activities: I will strive with God's help, to remain in Him. through prayer, advance in wisdom through the study of the Bible, decorate my life with good works, practice the stewardship of my time, my money and my talents, and fulfill all that the Great Commission demands of me "


1.- Definition of the Auxiliary Society of Children.

2.- The Purpose of the Auxiliary Society of Girls.


Among the many helpful organizations that are currently available for girls ages 9 to 15, the Auxiliary Girls Society of the Missionary Women's Union is one of the most favored. It is the largest denominational organization in the world for girls of this age. As part of the Missionary Women's Union, the Auxiliary Society of Girls provides for Baptist girls an organization in which phases of their social, mental and spiritual life can develop; but in this international organization, the missions are the central interest, which have members in China, Japan, Europe, Africa, Palestine, United States, Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii and South America.

The Auxiliary Society of Girls provides an escape for social desires: parties, banquets, camps; but the recreation of society does not stop only to provide pleasant moments to its members but also provides true recreation of the spirit, giving them basic happiness. The Auxiliary Society of Girls gives opportunity for physical development in their camps and field days; but remember that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and seeks to magnify His dwelling. The Auxiliary Society of Girls gives an opportunity to learn how to conduct an organization: presiding, making proposals, being members of commissions, writing minutes; and still goes beyond pure methods to a reality of discussion and procedure which helps girls know how to do things correctly. The Auxiliary Society of Girls helps them learn to think and speak in public through their programs, and also provides a variety of programs in which posters, dramas, makeshift discussions, music, sincere worship are mixed , to develop the different talents of Christian childhood. The Auxiliary Society of Girls calls their attention because it must be, members of it as in clubs, in which to be able to belong there is an initiation, although this is not secret; but the Auxiliary Society overwhelms any club or society, in which it is sponsored by the same church circles, fed by devout women, jealous of the growth of all girls in Christian virtues.

So, it is different from interdenominational organizations, or merely social organizations, or sports organizations, from organizations for children; It is an organization for girls, free in spirit and yet guided wisely in activity, having as its primary motive the largest company in the world: The Missions. Girls who are not Christians can belong to the Society: this is an agency of the Heavenly Father to show them the way of salvation as they learn the progress of the good news in the hearts of humanity, in all parts of the world . Also girls who are not Baptists can belong to the Society, although naturally the first effort is to enlist Baptist girls.

Our denomination takes good care of its girls, as well as its young people. The church itself welcomes you as members of it and its preaching services in the mountains and at night. The church claims the loyalty of Christian girls. Then within the life of the church, there is a planned opportunity for all phases of development. On Sunday morning there is the Sunday school class with its teacher (or) that explains the Word of God. On Sunday night we have the Preparatory Union for different groups and ages, with its director and counselor, letting young people alone make plans for their programs and present them alone, as far as possible. Then, on one of the days of the week, comes the meeting of the Auxiliary Society of Girls; with his counselor who directs them in various activities, learning, service and offering. Teaching Sunday morning, Sunday night preparation and midweek missions: What better arrangement can there be that is properly balanced and emphasizes each of these activities, providing activities and opportunities for the development of all our youth? and place for address service from adults ?.

Girls like an organization exclusively for them. That way they feel it is truly theirs; the church and its Missionary Women's Society are interested in them as girls. There is opportunity both to do and to be. Primary girls like to be active, doing things. They are enthusiastic, active, they are at the time of research, wanting to learn as much as possible. They want reality and truth, not fairy tales

So, true stories of world affairs, stories told in society, delight girls and arouse their interest. The example of other people influences them, so they must have examples of sincere service as revealed by the missions. Those days must awaken in them the desire to follow Christ, to become Christian with the formation of all the devout habits of thought and life that the name requires. The primaries like to collect. They like cut books, prints, handicrafts.

The intermediate girl, 13, is for the generals of a more sensitive nature. A restless teenager whose life suddenly brings many changes, can sometimes be inattentive, clumsy, stunned. He needs to be encouraged, encouraged to trust him with a worthy project for her to complete. She admires this or that person that she becomes heroes, which makes her anxious to know missionary biographies once she has been introduced into this fascinating realm of personalities. There is in it the desire to do great things, but there is also the influence of the group to which it belongs, and the impulse of loyalty to it that can hinder that desire, unless the group also feels it through the activities of the Society Girls assistant. The teenage girl dreams her dreams. It's like a true cinderella waiting for the wonderful day she will become a woman. In directing it, the counselor must recognize that the future is decisively in the hands of that girl; Dreams must be wise, dreams that have a purpose that guides them in their day of action.

Jesus spoke to Jairo's daughter and he is speaking to the girls of today, saying “Girl, get up!” (VM). He is calling them to wake up from their empty, restless and meaningless dreams to the awareness of their place in his great plan. He is calling you to wake up to a new day so you will know the joy of being "coadjutoras of God." The Auxiliary Society of Girls, with the direction of a wise and consecrated Counselor, provides the environment that is necessary for our girls to hear and recognize the call of the Teacher. It was a woman who said many years ago: "The Master is here and calls you." Many women who act as Counselors of the Girls Auxiliary Society groups have had the opportunity to repeat this appeal.



Members of the Auxiliary Girls Society appreciate the purpose of their organization:

“Wake up so that we realize the conditions that prevail in our surroundings and in all parts of the world to be awake to keep our minds from evil, and to preserve our bodies as temples of God, eliminate from our hearts all selfish interest and get ready to cooperate in all the workings of our denomination, with the aim of crowning Jesus Christ as King ”.

This purpose is for especially intermediate girls to learn it by heart, but the Primary Girls' Counselor should not forget it for them to know. There are many people who claim to be Christians, professing followers of the Man of Galilee who saw himself in every hungry, thirsty, naked, cared for or needy person, and yet these people walk the world without being moved, ignoring the problems of the latter, of poverty, of disease, of crime, of war, of ignorance, of racial antipathy, of idleness, of those who have no work, of sin. They sleep in comfortable luxurious beds, lulled by some selfish lullaby that tells them: "Let the world roll."

The true Christian girl will know that what affects any girl in the most remote corner of the world also affects her life because of Jesus; He will be aware, awake to life in this dying world remembering the compassion of Christ towards the multitudes and his admonition "as soon as you did it to one of these little brothers, you did it to me." Knowing the affairs of the world, and interpreting them to girls in the light of their relationship with the Kingdom of God, is; in itself a worthy challenge for any Counselor.

In the following phases of the Purpose of the Society, it is that the Counselor finds basis for many quiet and useful talks with her girls about personal and social problems; language habits, daily behavior and way of dressing.

This part of the Purpose can free the girl who is a member of society from listening to the immoral joke, the vulgar statement, of using a common vocabulary, tasting the first cigar, or the harmful first drink, of being reduced to being a “creation mean". Healthy sports, proper exercise, good habits of personal hygiene, the courage to say "no," can all these things be explained by discussing the purpose of the Auxiliary Society of Girls to reflexively repeat noble resolutions, helps, finally, to build a resistance to the tendency to yield to a lower plane, than to the highest.

When the Auxiliary Society speaks of “eliminating from our hearts all selfish interest,” the Counselor and the girls can think about their attitudes at home, at school, in the temple, in the playground, in the store. Selfishness lurks everywhere, but the loyal girl tries to be generous, helpful, kind, in all the relationships of her life.

Through the final phase of the Purpose of the Society, the Counselor can make the girls loyal to something more than their local church: the state, the country and the entire world program of the Baptist denomination.

After giving the purpose of the Society a glimpse through the little that has been said before, we realize that it is a very inclusive Purpose: let each Counselor guide her girls so that each sentence is transformed into practical means that point the way to the true Christian life.

As the girls gather to grow in the study of the Bible, to learn something about the missions and pray their eyes open to the needs of a lost world and their hearts are quickened with a desire to do something through good works. of the missions in the community.

This intensified desire demands recognition of the stewardship of time, money and personality. The girls hear their motto again "get up and shine: your light has come" (Isaiah 60: 1).


In the year of 1888 when the Baptist women's societies were organized in a missionary Baptist women's union, auxiliary of the Southern Baptist convention of the United States of America, the girls were motivated by this beautiful testimony of Christian love and zeal of the women's groups and began to set aside to have their missionary meetings and programs.

In the minutes of the Female Baptist Missionary Union of 1903 it is stated that since that date some states of the American Union mentioned the enlistment of girls in the missionary work.

Before 1907 there were some missionary organizations called "Girls' Band", bearers of the "Bright Lights" banner.

In the year of 1913 the Auxiliary Society of Primary Girls appeared for the first time in the statistics of the Female Baptist Missionary Union, but there was still an organization for underage girls and it was the same Missionary Baptist Women's Union that recommended the organization.

In the year of 1914, Ms. Fannie E. S. Heck, president of the Missionary Baptist Women's Union of the Southern Baptist Convention, referred to this group of girls as the Auxiliary Society of Girls. The Female Baptist Missionary Union took over this new organization with the purpose of praying for the enlistment of girls from 9 to 16 years of age.

In 1915 the first pins of the Auxiliary Girls Society were sold. This organization of girls grew up in such a way that in the year of 1924 the Missionary Baptist Women's Union decided to organize into two groups: one for primary girls and one for intermediate girls.

In the year 1928 the steps forward were programmed.

In the year of 1943, Sr. María C. de García, organized the first Auxiliary Society of Girls in the First Baptist Church of Monterrey, Nuevo León.

The National Baptist Women's Union, in the session held on April 5, 1944, in the city of Uruapan, Mich; Under the chairmanship of Mrs. Consuelo D. de Gurrola, she agreed to adopt, for her activities, the Graduate Work Plan through the departments. That is, that the Women's Society of each Baptist Church, organize and take under its auspices the following groups:

Rayitos de Sol: Boys and girls from 4 to 9 years old.

Ambassadors of the King: Children from 9 to 16 years.

Auxiliary Society of Girls: Girls from 9 to 16 years old.

Auxiliary Society of Ladies: from 17 to 25 years.

In the month of April 1945 in the city of Torreón, Coah., Under the presidency of Sr. Olivia Sara D. de Lerín, the National Baptist Women's Union, agreed that the necessary manuals for the graduate departments be prepared and Sr. Sister was commissioned. Lerín who was in charge of doing this work with the collaboration of the Sisters. Coy Lee de Pierson and Consuelo D. de Gurrola.

With the financial assistance of the Missionary Baptist Women's Union of the Southern Convention of the United States of America, it was possible to publish the manuals for the Women's Society and each of its departments.

Thank God because there are currently many Auxiliary Girls Societies in our Mexico, and because our girls have joined in the ideals and purposes with thousands and thousands of girls around the world to fulfill the great commission and the goal of crowning Jesus Christ as king.

Mention the day, month and year in which the Auxiliary Society of Girls was organized in your church.


The ideals of the Society, which are as bright as the stars in the sky, light the way to the most abundant life that Christ came to give us. These ideals of the Star direct many girls through the difficult years of adolescence and stabilize them in Christ, preparing them to face and solve life's problems. That blessed opportunity awaits the Girls' Counselors through their relationship with them.THE IDEALS OF OUR STAR

The emblem of the Auxiliary Girls Society suggests our five ideals:

Prayer: Remain in Him.

Bible study: Grow in wisdom.

Stewardship: Contribute

Personal Service: Decorate my life with good works.

Missionary Study: Accept the great commission.

“And when they saw the star they rejoiced with great joy” Matthew 2:10


"If you were in me, and my words were in you" John 15: 7

Since our creator has asked us to call him Father and has given us the privilege of going to Him with our pleas, whether large or small, the girls want to make their own the promises of the Lord and pray in the name of Jesus with faith, believing that we must "pray without ceasing."

There are many problems that girls have to solve. Prayer will give you the direction of the Holy Spirit to answer and solve the difficult problem of discerning between good and evil. The missionaries, the shepherds, the Christian workers, constantly ask for our prayers to receive strength and courage, to carry out their work.

Girls who are members of the Auxiliary Society, will remain attached to the prayer cable, using any prayer calendar. Embracing the entire world with their daily prayers. They will observe the two weeks of prayer instituted by the National Women's Union: the week of world missions and the week of missions of Mexico.


“You err ignoring the scriptures” (Matthew 22:29)

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) but that knowledge will come through the reading and study of the Bible. When the time comes to speak with God each day through prayer, we must also spend time reading the Bible to listen to God. Learning from memory one verse or several verses daily will help girls to follow the star and keep them from temptation (Psalm 119: 11) and guide them throughout the course of life (Psalm 119: 105). The Bible is our guide and helps us to live as true Christians should. The inspired word of God shows us the plan of individual salvation and God's plan for the redemption of the world; For this reason we must read it carefully, regularly and with prayer.


1.- System: “Every first day of the week” (1 Cor. 16: 2)

2.- Responsibility: “Each one”

3.- Forecast: “Apart at home”

4.- Proportion: "As the Lord would have prospered"

Many times girls think they have no money; but they don't consider the times they go to the candy store, to the movies, unnecessary purchases of some things. Is it okay for them to spend more of their parents' money on superfluous things than giving it for the work of the Kingdom of God? If a girl receives a fixed weekly or monthly amount from her parents, she can easily tithe. Let us study the question of tithing and stewardship, and recognize that every Christian should be a tithe and a faithful steward. Tithing is a debt, and only what we give after paying tithing, can we consider it as an offering.

While you are a member of the Auxiliary Society of Girls, promise yourself to be faithful tithers and stewards. Remember that if at this early age they form the habit of being a tithe, they will not have difficulties later to continue doing so. "We are bought by price." Girls must offer themselves to the Lord and this will cause them to give their offerings with joy.

Each of the girls who are members of the Society has the desire to give their church on a regular basis, and thus contribute to the general program of the National Baptist convention of Mexico. Offerings must be accompanied by love and prayer.

Decorate my life with good works.

"He also did not come to be served, but to serve" (Mark 10:45)

Every girl wants to be pretty. There are theories about beauty. Someone has said that if a girl wishes to be beautiful she must treasure beautiful thoughts in her mind. Paul writes to Timothy, communicating his desire for women to be adorned with good works. The Auxiliary Society of Girls has found in this a splendid method to cultivate beauty and physical attractions.

The Personal Work Commission will oversee the members of the Society and will make the necessary plans to help other people. In any city there are very poor homes where mothers need help in sewing, where children never listen to stories except when the girls of the Auxiliary Society gather them to tell them some.

They can make visits to jail, orphanages, hospitals and nursing homes, bringing flowers and fruit to inmates and making them happy with their presence. Any intelligent girl will find many ways to add attractiveness to her person, helping with joy to those who need and providing joy to others. The main purpose of personal work is to win others to Christ; and learn to tell the Ancient Story through the Direction of the Holy Spirit.


"You are witnesses" (Luke 24:48)

"Go all over the world and preach the gospel to every creature," it is but a summary of the missionary plan that has been used for all generations, as indicated in the books of the Old Testament, and is fully revealed throughout life. of our Savior. He hoped that each Cristrian would witness his love and to save.

The knowledge of the needs of the girls of other countries, will make the members of the Auxiliary Society of Girls feel eager to bring them the Good News of Salvation. But the Master did not say: "Wait until you are great and you have finished your education and then you will be ready to go out and obey my commission." He wished that the girls were always illustrating themselves so that they could pray intelligently and give their offerings with all their hearts.

Geography and History shows us that the world becomes smaller every day for trade and exports, as well as for the exchange of literary productions and works of art. But there is danger in this close association of peoples, unless missionaries carry the message of peace. How will they go if there is no one who sent them? The girls of the Auxiliary Society will be eager to know the missionary activities of our Convention, and also to know the members that she employs. Fulfilling the Great Commission means that girls should do at least one missionary study a year and formulate missionary programs every month, so that they can know what the needs of mission fields and missions are, and support the plan missionary in his Church.

Each girl must buy her textbook used in the missionary study. After studying the book they will have to present an exam of it.