Bible CLub

What is the Bible Club ministry?

The Bible Club Ministry is sponsored, directed and operated by local churches individually. Their goal is to get the local church to form and establish a source of leadership for youth work.

General Purposes:

  • Strengthen the young believer who is not bearing fruit for the Lord.
  • Reach young unbelievers through the believer who is growing spiritually and producing fruits every day.
  • Among these there are many specific purposes that aims to establish godly habits and fulfill the Great Commission. We want to make every effort to train and help youth pastors and youth leaders of the Local Churches in this very important task.

The program:

The focus of the biblical clubs is for the young Christian to use the same program as a way to evangelize his friends, family, etc.

Through a dynamic program, done with excellence, the young man has to be used by God being of impact for the youth of his community and his city.